Best Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company In India

Medilente Pharma is the best third party pharma manufacturing company in India providing the best services to its customers.


Medilente Pharma, being one of the best third party pharma manufacturing companies in India is ISO 9001 Certified and the manufacturing units are GMP WHO-certified. We believe in the quality first approach and also strictly follow the GMP & WHO guidelines while processing things up. Our motto is on-time delivery, superior quality, and economical cost. Medilente Pharma has its own out-of-the-box strategy in the pharma market to satisfy all the requirements. Our products are clinically trialled and lab-tested, so you need not worry about the quality.
Medilente Pharma is one of the leading brands for third party pharma manufacturing in India that is involved in Research & Development, production, and supply. We also trade pharmaceutical formulations like tablets, capsules, powders, injectables, and oral in both solid and liquid form. If you want to reach out to a manufacturing company then you can contact us.

Why choose Medilente as a third party pharma manufacturing company?

If you are looking for one of the top best pharmaceutical 3rd party manufacturer in India, you are at the right place. We are associated with GMP/WHO certified pharmaceutical units in Baddi/Kala Amb in Himachal. We offer quality formulations with best price model. Our motto is ontime delivery, superior quality and economical cost. We are well know for the most reputed third party contract manufacturing companies in Pharma.

WHO-GMP Certified

Medilente Pharma is both WHO & GMP certified providing quality assurance to its customers. Medilente Pharma is the best third-party pharma manufacturing company in India.

9 Years of Experience

With more than 9 years of experience, Medilente Pharma would be the right choice for you. We’ve gained tremendous popularity in the pharma industry.

Quick Service

Medilente Pharma has a turnaround of 30 days and that is what makes it super fast.

Product Portfolia

Medilente pharma is full of products for third-party manufacturing. We can manufacture more than 1200 molecule according to the customer’s needs.


1. Confirming & Finalising the order quantity

Medilente Pharma confirms the order quantity and composition of the product before moving on to the next step. The order quantity must be in a minimum range like for tablets & capsules, MOQ should be between 500-1000 boxes which means 50,000-1,00,000 tablets. Before finalizing all this we need to contact the manufacturer to get his approval for the composition.

2. Quotation

Once we are ready with the quantity and composition, a quotation would be the next step. Our quotation would contain the cost that the customer has to pay. This quotation would contain the cost of the product, packaging material, securities in case of smaller batches. It also contains any other charges that you have to incur for the contract manufacturing process.


Here is the list of various documents that you would need for the manufacturing:

  • Drug license
  • GST number
  • Registration of firm*


One of the most important parts of marketing for pharma companies is promotional packaging, as it is used on daily basis for sale by the medical representative. Promotional packaging can sometimes be free of cost so that they can be benefited from the professional outlook and brand exposure. To support the franchises, pharma companies help them with the promotional material so that they can equally grow on the scale.


The next step is manufacturing the products which is again an important part of the process. Medilente Pharma is GMP certified and GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. Not only in verbal terms medilente is the best third-party manufacturing company but assures of quality standards practically too. We follow the GMP guidelines strictly and focus on every part right from starting material to the hygienic staff.


After completing the manufacturing delivery takes place and with the proper following of guidelines of WHO & GMP. Medilente Pharma focuses on the quality standards set by WHO (World Health Organization), a US-based agency that is concerned with international public health. WHO manually ensures that whether a company has followed all the norms or not.

List of states for which Medilente is providing Third party manufacturing