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Tripura’s high demand for pharmaceutical products has risen since the economic growth and the awareness among the people. Medilente pharma is growing in the pharma sector and people are believing us for our high-quality medicines, on-time delivery, and economical cost. We are certified under ISO and we strictly follow all the quality standards. Medilente Pharma is the best brand to collaborate with as we work on a monopoly basis and are also considered as the best PCD pharma franchise in Tripura.

We have been fulfilling the demand of people since our establishment in 2013 and our main focus is to make our products are of high quality. Our team of professionals is working continuously to find a way out of providing high-quality products at a better rate. We deal in various formulations like Tablets, Capsules, Injectables, Eye drops, etc.

Benefits of partnering with Medilente Pharma

For the interested and potential owners, Tripura can be the best place for their Pharma business. As the state is in the growing stage, the government is also putting out various schemes that can help Pharma owners to get a boom in their business. Here are the solid reasons of grabbing the opportunity in Tripura:

  • Quality Assurance: Our manufacturing units are WHO-GMP certified and we believe in the quality first approach, plus our products are supervised strictly by the experts.
  • Promotional help: Medilente Pharma helps its associates by providing promotional help. Promotional tools Include visual aids, gift articles, sticky notes, writing pads, reminder cards, etc.
  • Promotional strategies: Our partners’ growth is our growth, so we do provide various strategies on how you can grow as a PCD Pharma Franchise in Tripura.
  • Incentives: Apart from the normal profits, we also give our partners incentives and various gifts. Incentives are given on the basis of milestones completed by our partner. The more milestones achieved the more incentive.
PCD Pharma opportunity in tripura

PCD Pharma Opportunity in Tripura

Tripura is considered the best state in the north region of India but with that, there are many medical problems too. In between the year 1999-2016, there were the highest cases of heart disease, lower respiratory infections, diarrhea, etc (male and female combined). Since then the government has focused on the medical sector by improving medical facilities, opening more hospitals, working on the existing infrastructure, and providing high-quality medicines. You can be the next Pharma franchise that can help people and provide high-quality medicines according to the demand in the market.

Range of Pharma products with Medilente Pharma

Medilente Pharma is the sole solution for all types of medical formulations. The company never stops working on the quality part of the products. We are packed with more than 350 products and we are adding more to our list. Here is the list of formulations that we are currently providing:

  1. Tablets.
  2. Soaps.
  3. Liquids.
  4. Dry Syrups.
  5. Capsules.
  6. Dermatology.
  7. Injectables.
  8. Creams.
  9. Ointments.
  10. Powders.
  11. Herbal/Ayurvedic.

Targeted areas by Medilente Pharma in Tripura

Our company is expanding its arms to reach more and more states of the country. We have created a sense of faithfulness in many states and cities and our associates trust us on the services we provide. We are now also covering various areas of Tripura and you can be a part of a top pharma company in India. Have a look at the areas we are targeting:

If you are interested to start a PCD Pharma business then you contact us at or directly call us on +91-9855465599.

Why choose Medilente Pharma for the PCD franchise in Tripura?

Pharma Franchise business in India is booming and the investors are earning a great profit from that. Medilente pharma has many advantages that you don’t want to miss. Following are the advantages of associating with Medilente Pharma:

  • Monopoly rights: Medilente Pharma runs on a monopoly basis means now you don’t need to worry about the competitors from the same brand in a single district. Medilente Pharma has focused on the growth of its associate a lot and we believe in ‘our partners’ growth means our growth.’
  • Investment: The cost of investment in the Pharma is as low as 40,000- INR and above you can go according to your potential. With low investment, you can earn huge profits. With this, you can partner with Tripura’s best PCD pharma company, Medilente Pharma.
  • Profitable business: You are your own boss and don’t have to meet any deadlines. So, you can easily and without hesitation can invest in the PCD pharma business.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

First, the manufacturing units must be certified under WHO-GMP. Second, the products should be approved by DCGI before packing and delivery.

Anyone who is a doctor, a medical professional can start their PCD pharma franchise.

The profit margin in the pharmaceutical business is quite impressive. According to a recent survey, there is a rise in the pharmaceutical industry in the past two years.

Anyone can be a partner or associate of the PCD Pharma Franchise in Tripura. The documents required for the process are GST and Drug License Number.