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Medilente Pharma has been in the Pharmaceutical business since 2013 and the company is ISO certified which means quality will always be above excellent. The main reason behind the establishment of Medilente Pharma is to help people who are in need and to provide services in the exploit areas of our country. Being the best PCD pharma franchise in Maharashtra, Medilente Pharma has hired the most talented and highly qualified people in its company. To ensure customers’ safety their manufacturing units are WHO-GMP certified. From the early to the packaging part everything is controlled by experts, so that you don’t receive hassle-free products & services.
Medilente Pharma is considered as the top pharma company in India as their product range is increasing at a rapid pace and they are also improving in the quality. Their ways of working and the adaption of technology are at a very fast pace. The pharma business in India is growing day by day and so here are we helping people to get the right products and at the right time.

Why choose Medilente Pharma as PCD Pharma Franchise in Maharashtra?

We have been working on the standard quality part since the start and we have never stopped to make ourselves better. Our professionals are working every day to find new ways of improving quality for the customers and marketing strategies for our associates. Here are a few reasons why should you choose us:

  • Our company is ISO certified
  • Manufacturing units are WHO-GMP certified
  • We believe in customer satisfaction.
  • Yearly gift hampers, incentives for the associates who reach a certain milestone
  • ALU technology packaging
  • On-time delivery
  • Non-stop supervision by experts.
  • Free promotional tools and strategies to the partners.

PCD Pharma Franchise Opportunity in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the second most populous state in the country and is in huge need of medical help. The state’s condition is not so good, a lot of improvement is needed and can be done on a regular basis. You can partner with Medilente Pharma and can help those people in need. What you will get by connecting with us
Monopoly-based business: Medilente Pharma works on a monopoly basis which means you will be the single-player of your business in a district. We believe in the growth of our associates and that is the reason we don’t want competition in the same district.
Promotional tools: Medilente Pharma helps its associates in the promotions as all the cost is beard by the company itself. Promotional tools include visual aids, gift articles, writing pads, sticky notes, reminder cards, visiting cards, etc.
Quality assured: We assure you the best quality pharma products and so our products are continuously supervised by the experts.
Incentives: Things don’t end here, one major thing that makes us the best PCD pharma franchise in Maharashtra is we provide incentives and other gifts to our associates on reaching a certain level of milestone within a given time.

List of products that Medilente pharma is offering:

Medilente pharma has over 350 products on its shelf and here are those few several formulations that they are offering:

  • Geriatrics Capsules
  • Pediatric Tablets
  • Antibiotic Syrups
  • Cardio Range Injections
  • Diabetic Oils
  • Anti-fungal Ointment etc.
  • Anti-histamine
  • Anti-emetic
  • Derma Range
  • Ortho Range
Targeted locations by Medilente Pharma in Maharashtra:

We are providing franchise offers in Maharashtra. You can choose from our targeted areas and move on to the next step:

To start your own Pharma business you can contact on or directly call us on +91-9855465599