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The state has been deprived of medicinal facilities for ages but the situation is changing and people are becoming aware of everything. Also, the government is trying its best to provide advanced infrastructure & different schemes to help the situations become better. Madhya Pradesh was in need of professional doctors and hospitals for a long time and that is improving now at a better rate. Medilente Pharma, the best PCD Pharma Franchise in Madhya Pradesh is helping the healthcare sector by providing high-quality medications and constant support.

Medilente Pharma is currently working in Pan India and partnering globally to provide business to the one in need and high-quality medications to the customers. We have been working since 2013 and since then we are upbringing ourselves for a better future, our shelf has now more than 350+ products which are also increasing time and again under expert supervision or we can say under the guidance of professionals present at Medilente Pharma. The company is ISO certified and the manufacturing units are WHO-GMP certified which makes our company more reliable in the market and the top PCD pharma franchise in India.

Why Medilente Pharma is the best PCD franchise Company in Madhya Pradesh?

Our professional staff is continuously working to make everything better day by day and thus we are implementing advanced technologies to help our associates and customers. Below are the major reasons why are we the top most PCD franchise in Madhya Pradesh:

  1. Robust business expansion: Medilente Pharma is an ISO-certified company that makes it stand out in the market and people tend to focus on the companies that are certified.
  2. Quality first approach: Our approach of quality first is all transparent and professional, you can rely on us on the basis of the quality of products as the manufacturing units are themselves certified under WHO-GMP.
  3. ALU Technology Packaging: Proper hygiene is considered while packing the items and the use of ALU technique is applied so that the medicines can remain to corrode free and can survive under harsh conditions.
PCD Pharma opportunity in Madhya Pradesh

PCD business opportunity in Madhya Pradesh

We have covered different cities in Madhya Pradesh and provide constant support to our associates so that their business can run hassle-free. Our shelves have more than 350 products which are more than any company present in Madhya Pradesh. Everything you need is right under one roof, from franchise opportunity to third-party manufacturing. Many people have trusted Medilente Pharma and they are now enjoying their life choosing us. We shape professionals and also help the environment by providing high-quality pharmaceutical products and making them affordable for interested people. Let’s see what makes us different from other companies:

  1. On-time delivery– The top priority and important step in the Pharma industry and we are never late in that. We keep a track of time and deliver the product within the given timeframe and the minimum time frame for the delivery is 24hours.
  2. Coverage– We are covering almost every part of Madhya Pradesh, the rural and urban areas so that no one is left behind.
  3. Manufacturing– Our manufacturing units are WHO-GMP certified and production takes place in excise duty-free zone in order to help the environment as well.
  4. Dedicated professionals: The team at Medilente Pharma are well versed in their work and every single employee makes sure that no one gets unsatisfied with the services.
  5. Profit– The profit margin at Medilente Pharma is more than any other company providing right now and people who want to start their own business can partner with us anytime.

All these things make Medilente Pharma a leaning PCD pharma franchise in Madhya Pradesh.

Areas covered by Medilente Pharma for PCD franchise in Madhya Pradesh:

We are trying to grow more and more in order to reach every area of Madhya Pradesh so that everyone can enjoy the facilities provided by us. The best part of shaking hands with us is that you will play a monopoly game in your area as there would be no other competitor from the same brand. Currently, the areas we are operating in are:

You can easily reach us at or directly call us on +91-9855465599.

We also provide PCD Franchise in other West Zone states

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

WHO-GMP certified manufacturing units are the units that comply with the policies laid down by the WHO and GMP. The units work by following all the guidelines.

The parent company gives rights to its associates or partners to sell, promote the company’s product on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

Medilente Pharma is one of the best PCD pharma franchises present in Madhya Pradesh. They focus on providing high-quality drugs along with helping its associates to grow and earn at their full potential.

You need two things to be a part of PCD Pharma Company. First, you need to have a GST number and second, you need to have a Wholesale Drug License Number. You can get these two things from your wholesaler or distributor.