Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Jharkhand

Medilente Pharma is providing the best PCD pharma franchise in Jharkhand. Contact us to get started today.


Medilente Pharma is considered the best PCD Pharma Franchise in Jharkhand, the main reason behind this is its on-time and quality services. The company is ISO certified and strictly follows all the rules and regulations. We have been in the market for the last 8 years and we have a tight grip in the pharma sector. Interested and potential people can take this opportunity and start their own PCD pharma business in Jharkhand.

The professionals at Medliente Pharma are experts in making tricky drugs in lesser time with keeping in mind the quality. Our manufacturing units manufacture all three formulations solid, semi-solid, and liquid. With the quality-first approach, we are taking our business to next level in order to help our associates and customers. This is what makes Medliente Pharma a top pharma company in India.

Top PCD Pharma Franchise in Jharkhand

Medilente Pharma has contributed a lot to the pharma sector as its main aim is to make the world a better place for the weaker section of society. The company’s motto is on-time delivery, superior quality and economical cost gives it a boost to work for the better. We always back up our associates so that they can have their business run smoothly in the long run. Here are some features of Medliente Pharma:
1. ALU technique packaging
2. Free promotional tools to all of our associates.
3. Follows the WHO-GMP guidelines strictly
4. Focus on reducing economic costs.
So, these are the things that make us the top PCD pharma franchise company in Jharkhand.

PCD pharma in jharkhand

Why should you choose Medilente Pharma as PCD franchise in Jharkhand

Our business is approaching vacant areas of Jharkhand which opens newer opportunities for potential investors. Our pharmaceutical company provides extra support in terms of promotional and business strategies to our partners. Here are some points the benefits you after choosing Medilente Pharma as the PCD pharma franchise in Jharkhand:

  1. High-quality drugs are provided at a very affordable rate.
  2. Delivery is always on time.
  3. Monopoly-based company.
  4. Promotional tools availability.
  5. Business strategies for the partners.

Product range at Medilente Pharma

Our spacious shelves are capable of having more products, that is why we have more than 350+ products. Medilente pharma focuses on delivering high-quality products to its partners and customers. Our professionals do a deep R&D before launching any product so that our clients and customers do not have to face any difficulty later on.
Here are the product formulations we offer:

  1. Capsule,
  2. Softgel,
  3. Liquid,
  4. Drops,
  5. Tablet,
  6. Soap,
  7. Cream,
  8. Ointment,
  9. Injectables, etc.
    All the above products are manufactured in our WHO-GMP certified manufacturing units which makes no chance of fewer quality products.
Targeted areas by Medilente Pharma in Jharkhand

Our goal is to make the world a better place for everyone by providing medicinal help in a very affordable manner. Our pharmaceutical company is working tirelessly to reach out to every zone of Jharkhand. Here is the list of Vacant locations where you can establish as our partners:

Get started today before it’s too late, be the monopoly king of an area. You can easily reach out to us at or directly call us on +91-9855465599.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

To know the quality of a pharma product, you need to check if the company is ISO, WHO, GMP certified and whether the products are DCGI approved or not.

PCD stands for propaganda cum distribution and to choose the right PCD pharma franchise company you need to keep an eye on following this:

  • Ensure that PCD is ISO, WHO-GMP certified.
  • Ensure if the pharma products are DCGI approved.
  • Go through the customers’ and associates’ reviews.
  • Ensure that the company provides what they promise in their terms and conditions.
  • Ensure that the company works on a monopoly basis.
  • Consider a pharma company that produces in masses, as they will give you the products at a very decent rate.

The scope of the PCD pharma franchise is really high in Jharkhand, as the state is currently in the developing phase and people rely on medical services a lot. Therefore, the opportunities in Jharkhand are better than in other states.

The minimum investment for the smooth running of the PCD Pharma Franchise company would be 1lakh. All though, you can start the business in very less amount near about 30k INR.